Saturday, December 29, 2012

Are You A Google Driver?

If you aren't using Google Drive in your is the day to start! Drive offers so many wonderful collaboration tools to use easily in the classroom with students of all ages.

Watch the video below to see how one teacher is using Drive to have her students collaborate while writing. With Common Core Standards students are expected to collaborate with peers to complete a piece of writing. This teacher is using Drive to do just that!

I know these are high school students, but elementary students can do this too! The possibilities for using Google Drive in the classroom are endless.

What are some ways you can use Drive in your classroom?

*Create documents for students to collaborate with other classmates or the teacher.
*Create graphic organizers for students to fill in as a group
*Create forms to poll students (lunch choices, graphing activities, surveys, etc.)
*Create quizzes and tests using a Google Form (makes grading easy)
*Collaborate with fellow teachers
*Click Here to read more wonderful ideas!

I hope you give Google Drive a try if you aren't already using it! If you are, share a way you find it handy in your classroom by leaving a comment.