Sunday, February 10, 2013

Help! It's the Common Core!

My district is currently implementing the Common Core math standards in grades K-2. This year, we are working on second grade implementation. Boy...has this been a fun one! Even though it has been tough thinking about a new way of teaching math to our students, our 2nd grade teachers have risen to the occasion and are seeing the benefits of teaching students how to really think about and apply math learning. I am so proud of all of our teachers for embracing the thought processes behind the Common Core. I personally think these standards are going to do wonders in our schools, if we really take the time to look at our teaching and make some much needed changes. I think we are going to see students really learning what they are doing in math instead of memorizing a process. Yay for connection to the real world! Anyway...step down off of my teachers shared a website with me that I think everyone can benefit from. The website,, offers some great resources to help teachers implement the CCSS. My favorite part of the site is the classroom video visits. These videos show real teachers, in real classrooms, teaching lessons that are aligned to the CCSS. Love it!

Here is an example of a 2nd grade lesson about working word problems:

There are videos for all grade levels!

There are also tons of tools for educators at:

Take some time and check this site out! You will really be glad you did.