Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mirror, Mirror On My Board

Recently, the teachers at our school received iPads to use in their classrooms. They are currently working with one iPad in the classroom, so we are getting pretty creative so the kiddos can get as much use out of the iPads as possible. So...something had to be done so our teachers could display the iPad screen on their Promethean Boards. Our Art Teacher was the first teacher to ask if there was a way he could draw on his iPad while the students watched on the board. The gears started to turn! Yes, a VGA adapter could be used to plug the iPad directly into the computer, but he did not want to be limited to sitting in one spot while showing his screen on the board. As a team, we found a solution...AirServer!

Airserver is a program that you download to your computer. It is a standard app on Mac, but you can download it to a PC also. The program allows you to mirror your iPad2 or New iPad on your computer screen.  It is a piece of cake to use too! Airserver is a great solution for the one iPad classroom because the iPad can be passed around, and the whole class can interact because the screen is being projected on the board. The mobility this app gives in the classroom is wonderful!