Friday, February 27, 2015

The Bright Way to Organize

Do you need a way to organize all of your Reading and Writing Workshop information? Are you tired of messy binders or unorganized data on your computer? 

I have teachers ask me to help them organize their Reading and Writing Workshop records all the time. I have some teachers that use binders to keep information for each student, while others use digital copies of documentation. Some do both! It gets a bit crazy trying to keep up with individual data for each student and track their progress through the year. I love organizing, so I am always willing to help. While sitting in a meeting with our district ELA specialist, she shared the website, Brightloop, with me and a group of teachers. The room almost burst into applause. In all my geekiness, I had no idea this site existed, and it is FREE!!! 

Brightloop gives you space to keep all of your conferring notes in one place. You can set and track learning objectives, identify groups, use collected data, and document conferences. It doesn't get any better than that. Did I mention that it is super easy to use too? Check out the video below and the website to see how teachers are using this site to organize and differentiate instruction.