Monday, July 25, 2011

Day One: Classroom Redo

I have decided to break this post into a few days because it could be quite lengthy! Stay tuned throughout the week for a full tour of my completely remodeled classroom.

I spent the entire day working on my classroom after working on it all week last week, and I am thrilled to say that it actually looks like a place people might actually learn something now. I decided at the end of last year that I wanted to keep my current theme, which is SC State Symbols, but change my color scheme a bit. My classroom looked like a rainbow had blessed it, and I was pretty tired of it. So, I decided on turquoise, brown, blue, green, and hints of a deep red.

It all started with a trip to Old Time Pottery where I found some fabric that I loved for $3.88 a yard. Shut your mouth…that is a deal! I ended up making curtains, two pillows, a table skirt, a bookcase skirt, and I covered my bulletin boards with it.





After finding the fabric, I went over to Hobby Lobby for some matching scrapbook paper. I used the paper to make a new alphabet for my word wall, bulletin board titles, symbol labels, background for a bulletin board, and backgrounds for the graphs that will hang on my Data Station. I bought one big book for $10 (gotta love a 50% sale), and I have a ton left over!

Paper Background

Bulletin Board Background and Title

Data Station

Data Station

I also decided to spray paint some of my book baskets because they were also primary colors. Did you know that regular spray paint will just about cover anything? I certainly do, I spray paint EVERYTHING to my liking. I used Rust Oleum Painter’s Choice Aqua to paint the library baskets.


Library Baskets


I also found some baskets at Goodwill (far right) that I painted to my liking. I am loving these organized cubbies. I used some crates on top to create bookshelves to store math games and teacher materials. The shoebox containers (I am probably going to paint them) are for the kiddos’ extra supplies. I used the baskets to store paper, whiteboards, dry erase markers, CDs, and movies. I have also stored all of the student workbooks here so they won’t get torn up in desks.

Tomorrow I will share my writing center, meeting area, and reading center. Stay tuned…



  1. I love your room. Beautiful color choices.

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