Sunday, July 31, 2011

Efficient Classroom Library Tool and Printable

After collecting so many new books over the last school year and this summer, I decided it was time to redo my classroom library labels. I used Scholastic’s Teacher Book Wizard to look up my books and decide on which genres I would need for my labels. I was really impressed with this tool. It will tell you genre, Lexile range, and if a book has an AR Test. How convenient! You could also have your students use it in the classroom to find “just right” books based on other books they are interested in. You can type in a book title and it will tell you other books on the same level that are similar. Awesomesauce! I love technology!

I created 16 labels for my chapter books and 12 for my picture books. I decided to add a number to each label because I will be adding a number sticker to each book in the library so that students can easily put books away.

Feel free to download  these for FREE and use the labels I made by clicking the image below. They will print beautifully on Avery labels #8163.


Have a great Sunday!


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